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Peaceful Piano Music...

Do you enjoy listening to soothing reflective piano music and sharing that time with family and friends? Why not invite Pianist/Composer Sam Pasco to play an intimate performance in your home, and experience all the passion, tranquillity and fellowship of hosting a musical gathering.

Musical Gatherings are a group of people, usually family and friends who come together for an intimate performance by Sam in the comfort of their very own home!

Besides enjoying all of the beautiful music, you will also get the "inside story" behind each of the songs!

All that's required to host a musical gathering is a room that can hold 25-50 people. This area can be inside or on an enclosed patio or deck. If you have a tuned piano, that's ideal, however Sam can also supply his own keyboard and compact sound system.

And the best part?

His fee is more reasonable than you may think!

If you are interested in hosting a Musical Gathering in your home, contact Sam now.

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Contact Sam!

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